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Titus Liew

Titus started to build his deep passion and interest in music from a young age thanks to his brother, who is also a drummer. Witnessing the sheer energy and exhilaration his brother expresses through the drums, Titus began to add drumming as a part of his life. That passion propelled him to pursue education in drums and express his love for various sub-genres of rock music. 


Upon that, began teaching jobs with various music centers. Besides teaching, he also involved himself in various local scenes and numerous contexts from gigging in bars/pubs, corporate events, independent band showcases as well as organizing and being a part of drum clinics and small scale music festivals. His past experience in sales is also an additional advantage to which he tries his best to guide his students into finding the right drum set for them.


Titus’ teaching method includes gauging each student's level carefully and using proper tailor made techniques and skills according to their needs to fulfill their musical goals. According to him, drumming is also beneficial in maintaining a well-mannered discipline and also understanding the need of patience, effort and direction to achieve success. 


Regardless of the age, either young or older students, even little ones, he is capable of modifying his teaching style to accommodate them individually. He believes that music is for everyone and through music, one will discover one's self that will be missed but for.


GC MUSIC ACADEMY: Which musicians influence your playing style?

TITUS: Jost Nickel, Aric Improcta, and Jon Theodore.


GC MUSIC ACADEMY: What advice would you give to new musicians or students who are just starting out?

TITUS: My advice to new musicians & students is to go with a purpose by planning out and setting goals in your practice session and always be patient with yourself that everything takes time. Also, don't compare yourself to others as it will only steal your joy but instead focus on yourself and on improving yourself, and that will bring out the best version of yourself.