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Sarah Leong


If you’re looking to master your classical, baroque and pop violin, look no further than Sarah. Looking up to famous solo violinists like Hilary Hahn, Itzhak Perlman, and Ray Chen, you can be sure that she takes her violin playing seriously and is well-disciplined, considering that those musicians are also well-known to be involved in giant orchestras. Sarah chose the violin among all other instruments because it is the one that enables her to most effectively channel her emotions through, as well as the violin’s beautiful aesthetics and professional craftsmanship. Being experienced in teaching children and adults of wide age ranges, there is no doubt that she is able to guide any human being to master the fiddling instrument. No matter how many students under her, Sarah will make sure to communicate and inform the students as well as the parents on their progress as well as the necessary teachings once the previous milestones have been surpassed. We at Guitar Collection Music School are fortunate and honored to have her as one of our versatile violin teachers.


GC MUSIC ACADEMY: Has music taught you anything from a lifelong learning perspective?


SARAH: I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes, just don’t easily give up on what you have decided to do.


GC MUSIC ACADEMY: What advice would you give to new musicians or students who are just starting out?


SARAH: Practice smart instead of practice hard. Have more patience in the journey of learning music and you will find the rainbow in it.