1. What is PaySlowSlow?

PaySlowSlow is a Buy Now, Pay Later service that allows customers to make flexible interest-free payments online over the course of 4 months.

2. Are there any interest or late payment fees using PaySlowSlow?

There are zero interest or hidden fees at all times when you purchase using PaySlowSlow. However, we do charge a capped rate of RM150 for late payments.

3. What are you payment options?

You can pay using your credit card or debit card from any bank.

4. What is the spending limit?

The spending limit is up to RM5,000 upon approval.

4. How do I make payments?

You will scan the QR code and fill in the total order amount. The transaction is confirmed once you fill in the details and make your first payment. Your 3 subsequent payments will automatically be deducted from your selected payment option every 30 days. Reminder will be sent to your email.