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A musician passionate in teaching, Ollsen has been in the teaching field for many years, experienced in handling children and group lessons. In 2010, he left his village to pursue 

Ollsen is guitar musician passionate in teaching. He's been in the teaching industry for years, experienced in handling children and even group lessons. In year 2010 he left his small village to pursue Diploma of Music in UiTM. Besides actively performing in music events, Ollsen also enjoys arranging and composing music of his own. 




  1. Do you have any performance experiences?
    I'm actively performing since I was studying, for wedding functions, Merdeka events, dinner and pub gigs. I've also did many cultural events such as Hari Raya, Kaamatan (Sabahan culture), Pesta Gawai (Sarawakian Culture) and etc.
  2. What are your notable performances/ achievements in music?
    I've been awarded for the best arrangement, best performance and best written score during my practical/ internship at RTM Angkasapuri KL under Luqman Aziz.
  3. Where are you from?
    I was born in a small village in Keningau, Sabah, and came to KL to pursue my passion.
  4. What do you want to say about your passion?
    I'm always looking forward to exploring and improving as a musician and educator, constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends and methods.
  5. When did you start playing guitar?
    7 years old
  6. Your favourite band/ favourite type of music
    I am a person who is open to all genres of music, I find that each genre has its own uniqueness and attraction. Polyphia is my favourite band.
  7. Who inspired you to pursue music?
    I was influenced by my father who sang and played guitar to wake us up almost every morning when I was a kid.
  8. Your best experience?
    I enjoyed performing my own arrangements with RTM musicians during my final showcase at RTM Angkasapuri KL.