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Ahmad Nizam Suhaimi

One of the earliest member of GC family, Nizam grew together with the company since 1996. Nizam graduated with a double degree in classical guitar and french horn from UiTM. He was a season performer in KL, being part of KL Youth Orchestra, DBKL Orchestra, KLSO Brass Ensemble and ITM Orchestra. Who could've known he'd transform into a metal rocker, massive fan of Matellica and Iron Maiden today! 

Mr. Nizam

holds a Bachelor in Music from UITM and major in both classical guitar and French horn, and is a very skilled electric guitar player. He has been with Guitar Collection Sdn Bhd since 1996 as a full-time music instructor and has been teaching guitar for more than 25 years. Other than teaching, Mr. Nizam used to be active in performing in a variety of events, such as; performing with ITM Orchestra as a French horn player from 1991-1996, performing with Kuala Lumpur Youth Orchestra in 1994, performing with DBKL Orchestra in 1995, performing with KLSO Brass Ensemble from 1993-1995, participated in Bike Fest in 2004, and participated in MBSA Battle of the Band from 2004-2006. He is a massive fan of Metallica and Iron Maiden, and one of the most experienced music instructors in our GC Music Academy and we are well-pleased to have him as part of our team!