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Martin Custom Shop




What’s your dream guitar? Martin can turn your dream into a reality! 

Martin's custom shop offers a limitless lineup of models and options that provides the flexibility from a more modestly priced instruments to sophiscated artistic creations, whether you're an enthusiast, collector, or professional.

Design your personal Martin that's uniquely yours, brought to life with Martin's exclusive artistry!


Choose your model and build your custom Martin!     


Send us your specification sheet, we will keep you up-to-date with your guitar's progress and delivery status.

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Shape, size & scale length


The guitar size contributes to the character and tone of a guitar.

Choose the best body shape and size that falls comfortably on your hands. 


Custom Martin Guitar   Custom Martin Guitar



Pick your tonewood from a selection from premium exotic or traditional hardwoods

Stay loyal with the traditional materials, Adirondack & Sitka Spruce, East Indian Rosewood and Mahogany.

Or perhaps opt for a rarer species such as striking Hawaiian Koa, Flamed Maple or Cocobolo.

Other exotic choices include Brazilian, Madagascar, and Guatemalan Rosewoods.

Shape the tone you want to produce by having your requested bracing pattern

Martin Guitar Tonewoods   




You might want your personal story told through one-of-a-kind fingerboard adornment.

Perhaps a custom pickguard that capture the essence of your personality?

Pearl, stone, metal and exotic wood inlays can be incorporated on your Martin.

Personalize touches to almost every part of your guitar. 


Martin Guitar Personalized Inlays   Martin Guitar Personalized Inlays




Get the most out of your playing with the perfect neck for your hands!

The shape and widths of your guitar neck is what connects you with comfort and takes control of your performance.


Custom Martin Guitar necks   


Still need help on choosing your right martin guitar to customize? 

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