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Lee Yuet Huan


Growing up in a family of musicians, it’s no wonder that Huan turned out to be a multi-instrumentalist, given the blessings and support from her loved ones. The absolute encouragement and passion lead her to pursue and master the classical guitar as a start, with having to achieve grade 8 in her ABRSM exam. But obviously, that’s not over for her musical journey, as she spent her time harnessing the knowledge of playing other instruments like the acoustic guitar, violin and ukulele, giving her the title of “Jack Of All Trades And A Master Of One”. Even though she dedicated her younger years toward classical music, do not underestimate her efficacy in teaching contemporary music as some of her favorite musicians that inspire her are contemporary musicians, such as Jay Chou as well as Eddie Van Der Meer who is a talented international fingerstyle guitarist. In conclusion, this is the kind of teacher that you should look for, if your aim is to master stringed instruments or just someone who happens to like them for fun.


GC Music Academy: Has music taught you anything from a lifelong learning perspective?

Huan: Music taught me to multitask. Multitasking might sound bad but it is very very crucial to multitask to get everything done, perfectly. Music instruments like piano, guitar and violin train our left and right brain while each of our hands, each of our fingers focus on completely different tasks. It is useful for everything in life.


GC Music Academy: What advice would you give to new musicians/students?

Huan: As long as you practice, no matter how long the time is, you will definitely improve. It is okay to be busy. Practice smart. Quality, over quantity.