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Lee Pu-Yen


Many around the world have been fortunate enough to instill passion towards music at such an early age, and Puyen is no exception at that. Falling in love with the piano and cello at age 5 and 11 respectively, he began to work his way up towards his classical music journey, from completing his ABRSM and Trinity exam certificate all the way to achieving his UCSI University degree in classical music. Ever since then, he has been involved in countless musical performances, from being a soloist to playing in an orchestra. If that is not convincing enough, Puyen is also a worthy current member of the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO), where he has contributed to many charity events, including the composition of music for Disney’s Pixar and Japanese Anime. If you are familiar with the legendary Russian cello player Leonid Shukaev, then you can be assured of Puyen’s playing skills, as he has been fortunate enough to receive a masterclass from the maestro himself upon mastering the stringed instrument.


Based on a teacher’s perspective, he is the kind of teacher who will have no problems building up students who consider themselves a slow learner, because he knows what it feels like to be one. Given his exceptional playing skills and tremendous amount of experience in teaching and performing, we are confident enough to say that not only he will guide his students on playing the correct notes, but also the attitudes and skills needed to play together with other musicians. After all, music is more fun when played together. Thus, we at Guitar Collection Music Academy are honored, and proudly invite whoever is interested to start or further develop their piano or cello mastery.


GC Music Academy: What made you interested in the cello?


Puyen: Once upon a time, my father had a rehearsal session with a cellist at home. He took me into the living room and asked me if I wanted to watch a short cello performance. That’s when I discovered my interest towards the instrument. I love the way he plays his cello and the sound he makes. It touches my heart and I fell for it.


GC Music Academy: Has music taught you anything from a lifelong learning perspective?


Puyen: Music has been teaching me how to live and love meaningfully. My journey with my students is to create a powerful and strong mindset in their approach to learning.