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  • Designed in conjunction with indie pedal builder Analog Man
  • For players who want to add a touch of warmth and grit to their rig while allowing the natural tone and feel of their high-end gear to shine
  • Volume, Drive, & Tone controls
  • OD / Boost / Dist switch : to select your preferred clipping style
  • OD : soft clipping for a touch of grit and compression 
  • Boost : bumps up your signal loudly and clearly with no clipping 
  • Distortion : hard clipping for a grittier, more compressed sound and a bump in output level
  • This pedal cannot be powered by a battery
  • Constructed from strong, durable nylon for reliable ukulele support
  • Length adjusts to hold the instrument in optimal playing position
  • Does not use strap buttons for compatibility with any ukulele with a traditional soundhole
  • Attaches to the handles of the UTC2200 and UTC5500 Carts
  • Provides a dedicated space for small accessories
  • Three separate pockets keep items safe and organized
  • Top flaps protect contents from dust and the elements
  • Hook-and-loop straps securely hold the bag in place
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction ensures rugged reliability
  • Small, contoured form for comfortable playing
  • Adds a variety of rhythm sounds to any style of music
  • Easy and fun to play for people of all ages and experience levels
  • Comes in 6 different colours : Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Red
  • Each order will receive in random colours
  • Recommended for Beginners & Early Grades Students
  • Strings should be cleaned with a dry cloth after every practise
  • Strings might break if overtightened. Users should proceed with caution while tuning
  • A safety distance should be kept between the instrument and face eyes while tuning to avoid injury if strings should break while tuning
  • G : 4th String
  • D : 3rd String
  • A : 2nd String
  • E : 1st String
  • Delivers consistency, durability, and versatility
  • Cutting midrange, wide bottom end, and a growl that will cut through any band.
  • Low tension strings with an extremely long life, and minimal break-in time.
  • Made in the USA
  • Gauge: DBN45, DBN65, DBN105
  • Recognized for over 50 years as the best-paced and most comprehensive guitar method available, Alfred's Basic Guitar Method has introduced over 3 million beginners to the joy of playing guitar.
  • This updated and expanded edition features a new layout, making it easier to read and learn. Now included are blues, country, folk, jazz, and rock styles, plus more pop songs!
  • Learning to play has never been easier or more fun than with Alfred's Basic Guitar Method---the first and best choice for today's beginning guitar students.
  • As part of the ABG series, Alfred's Basic Guitar Theory, Books 1 & 2 will help any guitarist enhance his or her knowledge of theory.
  • Note and rhythm reading, scales, chords, and progressions are just some of the topics covered. Use this book alone or to supplement any method.
  • Martin Ukulele
  • Soprano Ukulele (21")
  • Full Solid Hawaiian Koa (Top, Back & Sides)
  • Hand Rubbed Satin finish
  • Gig Bag included
  • Martin Ukulele
  • Soprano Ukulele (21")
  • Solid Sinker Mahogany Top
  • Solid Sinker Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Satin Finish
  • Gig Bag included
  • Types: 21Keys
  • Top: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Side: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Back: Solid Walnut Wood
  • Types: 17 Keys
  • Top: Solid Mahogany Wood
  • Side: Solid Mahogany Wood
  • Back: Solid Mahogany Wood
  • Types: 17 Keys
  • Top: Solid Mahogany Wood
  • Side: Solid Mahogany Wood
  • Back: Solid Mahogany Wood
  • Types: 17Keys
  • Top: Solid Sapele Wood
  • Side: Solid Sapele Wood
  • Back: Solid Sapele Wood
  • Types: 17Keys
  • Top: Solid Maple Wood
  • Side: Solid Maple Wood
  • Back: Solid Maple Wood
  • Types: 17Keys
  • Top: Solid Maple Wood
  • Side: Solid Maple Wood
  • Back: Solid Maple Wood
  • Types: 17 Keys
  • Top: Mahogany Wood
  • Side: Mahogany Wood
  • Back: Mahogany Wood