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MXR has become a household name in the industry among guitar and bass players. Most pedals these days follow the basic look and feel of MXR Pedals. The Rockchester, New York based company was one of the first to offer an extensive lineup of stompboxes.

Phase 90 was the first MXR Pedal. After 45 years later, it is still one of the bestselling effects pedals in the world today. It was most iconically on the first two Van Halen albums with EVH’s sound becoming inextricably linked with this phaser. He would even have his own signature Phase 90 released years later!

Other famous 70s MXR Pedals include the Dyna Comp compressor, Distortion+, Blue Box octave fuzz, and the Micro Amp boost. All have been played by countless guitar players over the decades with Jack White even installing a Micro Amp in his guitar!

More modern MXR Pedals include the ever popular Carbon Copy Delay, one of the bestselling analog delay pedals ever! They also have a range of power supplies to give your pedals all the juice they need.

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  • Warm, tube-like overdrive with a Clean control to blend in a pre-set EQ clean signal
  • Clean, Volume, Tone, & Drive controls
  • Clean: Blends in a tuned clean signal with the overdrive signal
  • Volume : Controls the overall volume of the pedal
  • Tone : Controls the color of the overdrive signal
  • Drive : Controls the amount of overdrive
  • Iconic Chorus/Vibrato true to the classic late '60s tone
  • Speed, Level, Depth, & Vibe controls
  • Speed : Controls sweep rate of effect
  • Vibe : Toggles between default Chorus Mode and Vibrato Mode
  • Level ; Controls overall volume of effect
  • Depth : Controls overall intensity of effect 
  • Two Classic overdrives in a single housing
  • Low Gain circuit for rich, fiery midrange tones and a High Gain circuit that kicks up the gain and emphasizes highs and lows
  • Bass, Treble, Level, Drive & Hi / Lo switch controls
  • Bass : Cuts/boosts low frequencies
  • Treble : Cuts/boosts high frequencies
  • Level : Controls overall effect volume
  • Drive : Controls amount of overdrive
  • Hi / Lo switch : Low Gain mode, for a midrange focused sound / High Gain mode, for increased gain and emphasized highs and lows


  • Two independent sub-octave voices
  • MID+ switch adds mid range boost
  • Constant Headroom Technology™ for exceptional headroom and tracking
  • Organic analog tone
  • True bypass
  • delivers the classic sound tailored to your specific rig and playing needs
  • Clean control lets you find the balance between your unaffected & compressed signal
  • Tone control allows further refinement of compressed signal.
  • Attack switch toggles between vintage slow attack & a modern fast attack.
  • Noise gate pedal for electric guitar or bass
  • Intelligent gating means the gate reacts slowly when you're holding sustained notes, and faster when your playing speeds up
  • Variable threshold lets you control how much gating is taking place
  • Three operation modes: Hiss for high-frequency noise, Mid for noisy guitar amps, and Full for wide-range signals and bass rigs
  • Built to last
  • Similar to the Phase 90, produces a broader range of sounds
  • Four-position rotary switch selects four preset waveforms
  • INTENSITY knob selects one of four preset phase waveforms
  • SPEED knob controls speed of phase effect
  • Great for guitar, bass, keys & vocals
  • Combines that old school sound with a couple upgrades for modern gigging convenience
  • Features a CA3080 "metal can" integrated circuit (IC) : Quieter operation, greater transparency, & increased dynamic range
  • Output & Sensitivity controls
  • Output : Overall effect volume
  • Sensitivity: Compression ratio
  • Can be powered by 9V battery & other power supplies
  • Based on the MXR Phase 90
  • Design collaboration design between Eddie Van Halen & Dunlop 
  • Red, white, and black stripes graphic finish from Eddie's legendary Frankenstein
  • Script switch : engages Script mode (push out for modern Block logo phase sounds or push it in for vintage Script logo phase sounds)
  • Speed : Controls overall effect rate
  • Block mode : vintage phase effect
  • Script mode : modern, in-your-face phase effect
  • Blends modern and classic compressor technology
  • Increased dynamic range, greater transparency, and quieter operation
  • True bypass
  • Output & Sensitivity controls
  • Output : Overall effect volume
  • Sensitivity: Compression ratio
  • Can be powered by 9V battery & other power supplies
  • Designed by Custom Audio Electronics
  • Dynamic overdrive and an independent clean boost circuit
  • Overdrive :Classic, warm, sustain and punch, without coloring your sound
  • Boost : Same as CAE Boost/Line Driver pedal, up to +20dB of uncolored clean boost
  • Sensitive and responsive to touch and picking dynamics
  • BOOST knob controls amount of clean boost
  • OUTPUT knob controls overall volume of distortion effect
  • TONE knob shapes color of distorted signal
  • GAIN knob controls amount of distortion
  • Based on a classic distortion circuit famous by indie pedal phenom, bass dirt guru, and Fuzzrocious Pedals founder Ryan Ratajskifor
  • Dry, Wet, Tone, Distortion, & LED / SIL switch controls
  • Dry : Controls level of direct signal
  • Wet : Controls level of effect signal
  • Tone : Shapes tone of distortion signal
  • Distortion : Controls amount of distortion
  • LED/SIL Switch : Toggles from silicon to LED clipping (indicated by blue LED)
  • LED GAIN knob (internal) : sets max output of LED mode
  • Thick, powerful distortion with superior definition
  • Heavy, aggressive, and razor-sharp tone but remains  tight and focused
  • Features custom Dimebag graphics
  • Gain, Output, Bass, Mid, Treb & Scoop switch controls
  • Gain : Controls amount of distortion
  • Output : Controls overall effect volume
  • Bass : Cuts or boosts low frequencies
  • Mid : Cuts or boosts midrange frequencies
  • Treb : Cuts or boosts high frequencies
  • Scoop switch : Cuts midrange at 1kHz by -22dB (indicated by yellow LED)
  • Powered by included 18V adaptor or any 18v power supply
  • Pedalboard friendly,small, lightweight housing that's built like a tank
  • 10 outputs is fully isolated, eliminating gig-ending ground loop noise
  • Features power on/off and connection status LEDs.
  • 2x 9V @ 100mA 
  • 2x 9V @ 300mA
  • 2x 9V @ 450mA
  • 2x 18V @ 250mA 
  • 2x 6V - 15V @ 250mA
  • The two 6V - 15V variable outputs can be used to emulate voltage "sag" - a drained battery effect sought by many vintage tonechasers
  • Comes with 10x DC Cables
  • 18v Adapter included : ECB009 18-volt adapter
  • Please read through description for full info on this power supply features
  • Rich, creamy, overdriven tube sound
  • Thickens up lead tones with musical, amp-like distortion and sustain without the fragility and inconsistency associated with tubes
  • Op-amp gain stage into a FET stage
  • Level, Drive, Hi, Lo, & Hi Cut controls
  • Output : Set your volume level
  • Drive : Dial in the grit, from subtle soft-clipping to early stage distortion
  • Hi and Lo : Boost / cut the FET Driver's sound
  • Hi Cut switch : To roll off high end frequencies when playing in high volume situations
  • Designed in conjunction with the legendary Slayer guitarist.
  • Create scooped-mid rhythm tones.
  • Dual outputs.
  • Adapter 18V included: Yes