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Jim Dunlop
Jim Dunlop
Jim Dunlop

Located in Benicia, California, Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. was founded as a small, family-owned and operated company in 1965, and has since grown to be a leading manufacturer of electronic effects, picks, capos, slides, strings and other musical instrument accessories. Dunlop is the home of legendary products like the Crybaby wah and Tortex picks.

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  • Cuts through the thickest bass strings just as smoothly as it'll cut through the thinnest guitar strings
  • Fit right in your gig bag so you always have it on hand
  • 1x DGT02 Multi-Tool
  • 1x DGT07 String Cutter
  • 1x 114SI Stringwinder
  • 1x 6567 Superlube® Gel Pen
  • 1x Platinum 65 Microfiber Cloth
  • 1x Carrying case
  • 1x DGT01 Gig Light
  • 1x DGT02 Multi-Tool
  • 1x DGT03 Uni-wrench
  • 1x DGT04 String Action Gauge
  • 2x DGT05 Fret Collars
  • 1x DGT06 Screwdriver
  • 1x DGT07 String Cutters
  • 2x 5410 Micro Fret Cloth
  • 1x 6567 Superlube® Gel Pen
  • 1x 651J Formula 65™ Cleaner-Polish (1oz)
  • 1x 114SI Stringwinder
  • 1x Platinum 65 Microfiber Polish Cloth
  • 1x Carrying case
  • Fully stocked kit with everything needed for quick and easy string changes
  • 1x NC65 System 65™ Neck Cradle
  • 1x DGT101 System 65™ Guitar String Change Kit 
  • 1x 6503 System 65™ Guitar Body & Fingerboard Cleaning Kit
  • 1x GM65 System 65™ Guitar Setup Mat
  • 1x DTM01 System 65™ Magnetic Parts Tray
  • 1x 5435 System 65™ Plush Microfiber Cloth
  • Fully stocked tech kit with everything needed for professional-quality instrument setups
  • 1x NC65 System 65™ Neck Cradle
  • 1x DGT102 System 65™ Complete Guitar Setup Kit
  • 1x 6504 System 65™ Guitar Tech Kit
  • 1x GM65 System 65™ Guitar Setup Mat
  • 1x DTM01 System 65™ Magnetic Parts Tray
  • 1x 5435 System 65™ Plush Microfiber Cloth
  • Keep your guitar and bass parts secure
  • Perfect for holding pickguard screws, pickup springs, washers, nuts, saddles, string trees, and any other parts you can't afford to lose
  • Use it with our Guitar Setup Mat and Neck Cradle for the perfect complement to your workbench
  • Ergonomic design
  • Eliminates any chance of bridge or pin damage
  • Works on both 6- and 12-string guitars
  • Keychain keeps it handy
  • Heavy-duty steel and plastic construction
  • Pops the tops off beverage bottles, too
  • Recommended kit for acoustic guitar players
  • 3x guitar picks : Tortex® .60mm Pick, Nylon .60mm Pick, Shell Classic Medium Pick 
  • 1x Dunlop Pickholder
  • 1x 1 oz. Formula No. 65 Polish
  • 1x 100% cotton polish cloth
  • 1x Dunlop Stringwinder
  • 1x Dunlop Trigger® Capo
  • 1x Ergo Pin Puller
  • Basic instrument care necessities in a convenient package
  • 1x 1 oz. Formula 65™ Polish
  • 1x 1 oz. Fretboard 65™ Lemon Oil
  • 1x Microfiber polish cloth
  • Get to work on your instrument without worrying about dinging or scratching it up
  • Made from no-mar neoprene with thick padding
  • Easy to clean
  • Tight webbing to keep debris from getting stuck in the fabric
  • Mat size: 17.75 x 23.5 inches
  • Designed by master inlay artist Ron Thorn, it rotates to hold the neck steady while you work on the front or back
  • The Dunlop Formula 65 Neck Cradle was developed by renowned guitar builder and master inlay artist Ron Thorn
  • The Neck Cradle is a revolutionary guitar setup and repair aid
  • The self-aligning cradle rotates on an axis to provide full support to the back or front of the neck for increased stability during repairs or maintenance work
  • In the up position, the neck support's angle can accommodate a wide range of body thicknesses while holding guitars securely in place
  • Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil
  • Removes grime and returns your fretboard to its original luster
  • Keeps grime away by providing an invisible sealant against stains and moisture
  • NOTE: Not for use on maple fretboards
  • 100% suede-like Microfiber, 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
  • Non-treated material
  • Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish, and string cleaner
  • Suitable for all instruments
  • 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm)
  • Cleans totally and quickly, restoring finish to its original luster
  • Leaves a micro-thin, stain-resistant protective layer that won't build up
  • Perfect for daily use
  • The ideal daily-use cleaner and polish for all modern violin, cello, and viola finishes
  • Just spray on and wipe off to immediately remove grime and fingerprints.
  • Provides a micro-thin protective layer that won't build up
  • Ideal for cleaning and polishing all metal and wood musical instruments
  • Use on band instrument parts inaccessible to a buffing wheel
  • Cleans chromium, nickel, steel, copper, aluminum, plated silverware, brass, bronze and enamel
  • Made in the U.S.A.