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Ethan Lee

A lot of musicians find inspiration and admiration from international stars. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, Ethan himself finds his first inspiration from his own teacher, Stan Lee, as well as Tiffany Poon and Ray Chen. Coming from the Malaysian Institute of Arts, you can be sure to put your trust in his teaching versatility, as his music interests range from good old oldies and classical, to generally 2000s and japanese pop music. From an infant to a person in the geriatric ward, you can be sure to find music that you can click with Ethan, so that there will be a chemistry between the student and the teacher 

GC MUSIC ACADEMY: Has music taught you anything from a lifelong learning perspective?

ETHAN: It taught me that art is essential to everyone in life and that everyone consumes it without realizing because it's always taken for granted and we should have the younger generations to realize its importance. Besides that, we also shouldn't discourage any new musicians, instead let them know that they are enough but should also strive to be better than what they used to be.

GC MUSIC ACADEMY: What advice would you give to new musicians or students who are just starting out?

ETHAN: If you love it, don't let others stop you and keep believing in yourself, if not I'll be your first supporter to guide you.