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GC Music Star - Virtual Music Competition


Join the digital trend now by showcasing your music through recording        
Because covid won't stop us from playing music!      
















For further enquiries, please contact:
Whatsapp: 011-10891200

Telegram: 011-10891200

Application Form: Fill in here
FAQ PDF: Download Here

Registration fees: Bank in to Guitar Collection CIMB 8008464352


Competition Rules/ FAQ

Can I join the competition?         
♫ All GC students are welcomed to join.         
♫ This competition is open to solo and group participants.        
♫ However, if you wish to showcase your band/ ensemble, collaboration with non-GC students is allowed.        
How much is the registration fee?        
♫ Fee for competition is RM20/person.        
♫ Participants are required to transfer through CIMB 8008464352 Guitar Collection and send us your proof of receipt, with the reference 'Competition- NAME'.        
How is the competition held?        
April 1st- All application forms must be submitted
April 30th- All entry videos must be submitted
May 1-8th- Entry videos will be posted on Guitar Collection Sdn Bhd Facebook page. Start sharing your video for your friends and family once the video is posted! (Only the likes in the original post counts)
May 9th- Total number of likes will be recorded. Any likes after 11:59PM will not be counted.
May 10th- Top 10 most popular with the MOST LIKES will be announced in our Facebook page, and will be sent to 2 juries 
May 21st- Final results will be posted on our Facebook Page, winners will also get notified through telegram.
How will my video be judged?        
♫ The 10 videos will be judged by 2 juries based on: 40% skill, 20% performance, 20% musicality and 20% overall presentation.        
♫ Juries are selected out of renowed lecturers or performing artists that are all-rounded and appreciates a broad genre and style of music.        
How to apply for the competition?        
♫ Fill in Application form by April 1st      
♫ Each participant is required to bank in RM20 to Guitar Collection CIMB 8008464352 by April 1st  
♫ Send proof of payment through telegram     
♫ Submit your entry video by Aril 30th through telegram (without compression)        
What is the requirement of the video?        
♫ Entry video duration is between 2 to 5 minutes. Audio recordings only are not accepted.        
♫ Any genre of music is welcomed.        
♫ Participants are required to introduce themselves in the video. No vulgur words allowed.         
♫ All participants are required to show faces and upper body/fingers to make sure that he/she is the one performing.        
♫ Participants can shoot and edit their video with their own concept. Be creative!         
♫ Cutting & merging multiple takes strictly not allowed during the performance.         
♫ Strictly no lip-sync and finger- syncing (instrument miming) allowed.        
♫ Performance setting should be decent, background noises and visual clutters makes a difference. Remember, your overall presentation counts!        
♫ Minimum resolution recommended for your video is 720p.        
How to record your video        
♫ You may record your video using any digital devices, such as camera, smartphones etc.        
♫  Just be aware that poor recording quality may interfere with the jury’s ability to review the material and might affect the final result.         
♫ You may make appointment to book GC studios and recording devices in TTDI. Contact us for more info.        
How to submit your video        
♫ We only accept mp4. You can use any online converters or softwares to convert your video to mp4.        
♫ Send your entry video through telegram by 30th April 2021        
What do I get for winning        
♫ All ten winners will get a prize and a token of recognition.        
♫ Grand award- RM500 GC voucher        
♫ second prize- RM300 GC voucher        
♫ third prize- RM200 GC voucher        
♫ consolation prizes x7- RM50 GC voucher        
♫ The award will be shared within all participants of that video (if applicable)        
♫ This voucher can be used for GC products, not lessons. (t&c applied)        
♫ All vouchers are valid until 25th December of 2021.