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  • ESP MM-04 preamp and booster for passive pickups
  • Custom designed for Children of Bodom Guitarist Alexi laiho. 
  • Developed jointly with ESP and Musamaailma, Finland. 
  • Controllable boost level via trimmer pot. 
  • Choose from 7 different treble EQ presets adjustable by 4 dip switches. 
  • Classic Cry Baby wah with two selectable voice modes
  • Equipped with the acclaimed Fasel inductor for sonic excellence
  • "BG" mode is voiced to capture Buddy Guy's signature wah tone
  • "Deep" mode offers a bigger sound with a vocal-like quality
  • Side-mounted mode switch can be toggled while playing
  • LED indicators show you what mode you're in
  • Designed by renowned pedal builder Paul Cochrane
  • Musical-sounding overdrive that keeps your core tone intact
  • Cut-only Bass and Treble controls
  • Independent Gain and Volume controls
  • Three selectable clipping profiles that cover a range of styles
  • Packed in a pedalboard-friendly MXR mini housing
  • Gary Clark Jr. signature Cry Baby Wah. 
  • Tuned with a lower frequency range for emotional depth and a tighter sweep for percussive syncopation. 
  • Custom brushed copper finish personally chosen by Gary that will patina with age. 
  • Power requirement: 9-volt DC (9V battery or adapter)
  • Limited edition wah pedal — only 500 will be made
  • Distressed black finish
  • Custom treadle design based on Jerry's tribal orca tattoo
  • Full lyrics to "Ranier Fog" inscribed on baseplate
  • Re-voiced for wider, darker response
  • Variable frequency pot
  • Powered by a 9V battery or AC adapter
  • Emulates 2 distinct amplifier stacks and allows you to blend between them
  • High-gain channel delivers mid-scooped high-gain tones
  • Crunch channel emphasizes midrange punch and power
  • Tweak each amp channel to your needs with separate Gain and Output controls
  • 3-way scoop switch offers flat, scooped, or boosted midrange voicing
  • Gives you the experience of playing through 2 hot-rodded amp stacks
  • M280 Vintage Bass Octave Mini pedal
  • MXR updated the warm analogue vibe of a classic sub-bass circuit
  • M280 will take you one octave down, or two, and you can dial each effect in separately

Input Impedance                  600 kΩ

Output Impedance               25 kΩ  

Max Input Level                    -5 dBV 

Max Output Level                 +2 dBV

Max Compression                36 dB  

THD*                                      0.2%

Noise Floor**                        -100 dBV           

Current Draw                        11 ma

Tone                                       +/- 7dB, 1kHZ

Power Supply                        9 VDC

  • Hand wired
  • Select resistors paired with hand-matched FETs
  • Recreated from a vintage '74 Phase 90
  • Adorned with script logo
  • Simple one-knob operation
  • Unique octave-up fuzz pedal made famous by Jimi Hendrix
  • Adds a wash of vibrant upper harmonics to the fuzz signal
  • Simple two-knob design contains a huge range of tone-shaping possibilities
  • Equipped with an On/Bypass LED indicator and AC power jack
  • Housed in a rugged all-metal chassis
  • Echoplex preamp that’s tailored to bass guitar
  • 3-band EQ enables you to tweak 40Hz and 8kHz
  • Midrange is adjustable from 250Hz to 1kHz for maximum tonal flexibility
  • Great for punching up solos, boosting your live signal, and adding an aggressive edge to passive pickups
  • Combines the Growl section from MXR's Bass Octave Deluxe with an earth-shaking fuzz circuit
  • Switchable octave introduces a tone one octave down from your note
  • Two switchable fuzz voicings to nail your signature tone
  • Powerful 3-band EQ
  • Separate Fuzz, Octave, and Dry level controls keep your low end intact
  • Dry level blends in your unaffected tone to keep a defined sound
  • Mid+ Level control boosts your dry signal's midrange to cut through the mix
  • Iconic overdrive and distortion tones upgraded with a greater tonal range and usability. 
  • Smooth, fat and wide open overdrive. 
  • Distortion signal packs an aggressive, harmonically rich punch with enough gain to get good and heavy. 
  • Alternate between Overdrive/Distortion with the flick of a switch
  • Level, Tone, and Drive controls 
  • Classic Japanese overdrive and distortion sounds carefully tailored with enough sonic flexibility. 
  • Power requirement: 9-volt DC (9V battery or adapter)
  • Gives you a fixed-wah sound without the hassle of a treadle
  • Frees up your full-sized pedal for real-time wah-wah effects
  • Volume knob enables you to boost your affected signal — makes your solos pop out of a busy mix
  • Q Zone knob adjusts the pedal’s bandpass shape from wide to narrow — a must for crafting a one-of-a-kind tone
  • Peak replaces the treadle on a full-blown wah-wah pedal, allowing you to set your frequency center
  • Based on the tried-and-true classic that’s found on a gazillion pedalboards
  • Organic analog warmth, shimmery modulation, and ease of use in a MXR mini housing.
  • Bright switch for additional sonic versatility.
  • Modulation width and speed can be adjusted internally
  • Power requirement: 9-volt DC (9V battery or adapter)
  • Highly engineered for incredible sound quality, comes packed with features in a pedalboard-friendly housing.
  • Record unlimited number of layers-up to 6 minutes long.
  • A super convenient LED gives you a flashing 4 count to the beginning of the loop so you can keep your overdubs tight.
  • 88.2kHz high resolution storage sample rate. 
  • True bypass or buffered bypass switching can be set to accomodate your tone and signal needs. 
  • Double speed loop (3 minutes of recording time), half-speed loop (12 minutes) and reverse loop. 
  • Inputs jacks for tap tempo switch control and expression pedal control. 
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