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On Stage Stands
On Stage Stands
On Stage Stands

Innovators of the finest musical instrument and mic stands since 1979, On Stage one of the nation's leading suppliers of microphones and pro audio equipment. On Stage is founded on a promise of affordability, durability and innovation, manufacturing products used everyday in studios, showrooms, and on stages everywhere. Over the years, the brand has grown to include over 300 products in 8 different categories: Guitar, Microphone, Keyboard, Workstation, Rack/Amp/Mixer, Speaker, Lighting, and Band & Orchestra. In each category On-Stage Stands has become a leader, changing the way musicians display, support, and protect their prized instruments and equipment. Today, professionals and amateurs all over the world put their trust in On-Stage Stands.



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  • Mounts into 1" round or square tubing to fit a wide range of keyboard stands

  • Sturdy foundation for a wide range of devices—no need for an additional stand

  • Mounts to a keyboard stand or a second tier to accommodate a variety of setups

  • Tilt-adjustment clutches feature interlocking teeth to prevent position drift

  • 1" x 2' Square dense foam absorbs mid-to-high frequency reflections and stabilizes frequencies

  • Class A fire rated for professional installations

  • Hardened beveled edge keeps sides from denting

  • Includes mounting hardware for easy, secure installation

  • Hypercardioid polar pattern reduces feedback and off-axis noise for a clear signal
  • On/off switch controls muting on the mic itself to prevent unwanted noise
  • Frequency response provides vocal clarity
  • Heavy-duty housing with mesh grill protects internal components for reliable performance
  • Studio quality USB condenser microphone for digital recording
  • Includes USB cable, mini tripod desktop stand, mic swivel clip, and foam windscreen
  • Plug & play ready
  • Large diaphragm
  • Wide frequency range with top end presence, balanced mid range, and full low end response
  • Large-diaphragm condenser mic captures accurate, natural sound
  • Crisp high end, smooth mid range, and robust low end for detailed sound reproduction
  • High sesitivity maintains effective output with quieter sources
  • Low noise enables a wide range of mic distance and position options
  • 18.5" x 12" Isolation Shield

  • Vented aluminum surround panel with metal frame and 2" acoustic foam

  • Included mounting brackets attach Isolation Shield to most standard mic stands

  • Additional shaft included to mount microphone


  • Elevate speakers and absorb vibrations to improve sound quality

  • Included wedges adjust the speaker angle for proper sound direction

  • Nonabrasive surfaces protect speakers and furniture from scratches

  • 6" screen reduces undesirable vocal pops and hisses

  • Micro-weave nylon diffuser reduces pops and hisses without disrupting vocal tone

  • Base quickly and securely clamps to a mic stand or boom

  • 13" gooseneck for precise positioning and proximity adjustments

  • Reduces undesirable vocal pops and hisses as well as breath and wind noise

  • Protects mic from moisture and dust

  • Flexible foam material stretches over the mic for a snug, reliable fit

  • Adapts to fit a wide range of popular handheld mics

  • Reduce wind, breath, and popping noises
  • Keep your mics clean
  • Colors helps identify mics on a busy stage
  • Flexible foam material
  • Fits most popular handheld mics
  • 5 colors: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green


  • Use standard mic stands to mount still and video cameras or popular handheld audio recorders
  • Ball-head allows for independent pan and tilt with 360 degree pan movement and 180 degree tilt
  • 5/8" 27-thread female to 1/4" thread male
  • Secure storage for, and convenient access to, cellos and double basses

  • Lower yoke adjusts in height to fit the size of the supported sax

  • Padding on the contact surfaces protects the instrument finish from scratches and dents

  • Nonslip rubber feet boost stability and stop skids to keep instruments safely in place

  • Keeps wrapped cables neat by preventing unravelling and tangling
  • Hook-and-loop fastens securely yet releases easily for efficient cable storage and access
  • Ties feature a slit that enables them to remain attached to cables when not in use
  • Nylon material
  • 7.75" / 20 cm strips
  • 5 pcs / pack
  • Offsets the weight of mics or booms to increase mic stand balance
  • Nylon-tipped set screw grips the mic boom securely without damaging the finish
  • Also boosts the stability of mic stands when mounted to the main shaft or tripod legs
  • Add to shaft for added balance and stability
  • Fits shafts 14mm to 22mm
  • Solid steel construction
  • 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
  • 1 pcs
  • Transforms any high-impedance source into a low-impedance (XLR) signal ready to be sent long distances to a mixing board or recording console
  • Features include isolated inputs, a 15dB pad switch, and ground lift switch
  • Great for acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and more
  • Protective bumpers prevent damage to controls
  • Accepts a wide range of audio sources including guitars, basses, and keyboards

  • Compact footprint saves space on pedal boards (includes hook-and-loop mounting strips)

  • Cab simulator sends the input signal through an emulated amp to a mixer or PA system

  • Gain/pad switch boosts weak signals or prevents clipping